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Seven tips for rookie Londoners

You have taken the decision to pack your belongings and relocate to the dynamic, multicultural and vibrant British capital in order to commence a new life in. Here are seven things that every newcomers should know about London.

Tip 1: Learn the lingo

You may speak English fluently but unless you are from the United Kingdom which can also not help, nothing can and will prepare you for the numerous local accents and lingo. This is why you should take your time and learn are much as you can about the manner by which Londoners speak. You should also prepare yourself that during the first few months you won’t be able to understand everybody and therefore not get frustrated about it.

Tip 2: Always stand on the right

There is an unwritten rule in which Londoners must stand on the right side when using escalators and moving walkways. It is like this because the left side is kept free for people who are in a hurry and must rush through airport, tube and railway stations.

Tip 3: Use contactless payment

Standing in line to purchase a tube or bus ticket is not only time consuming but irritating. This is why you should either get an Oyster Card or register your contactless credit/debit card with the Transport for London. By doing so you will be able to get around the city more smoothly and swiftly.

Tip 4: Avoid asking for directions

London EyeLondoners are friendly and helpful, and love to give directions. The only downside to this is that most of them rarely know what is where and you may end up in a totally different part of the city. The best way to reach your destination is to download and use one of the numerous apps that are dedicated to London.

Tip 5: Tuesday morning is very important

Tuesday morning is the time when the new weekly cultural programme of the city is published. It is at that moment that you will be able to learn about upcoming events such as:

  • Concert
  • Theatrical plays
  • Food market
  • Sports events
  • Temporary museum exhibitions
  • Gallery openings
  • Comedy shows

Tip 6: Use professional movers

The English capital is home to millions of people and is the location of an innumerable account of properties some of which are hard-to-reach. This is why it would be for the best if you contact licensed man and van contractors and delegate to them the execution of your relocation. No worries if you are moving from abroad because Removals 24/7 provides cost effective international removal services in London.


Tip 7: Take your time with the landmarks

You are not a tourist, you are a Londoner which means that you have plenty of time to discover and visit the numerous local landmarks. For example most people try to explore the British Museum in a day or two but you, you will have all the time in the world as you can visit it at any time of your choosing.

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