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Moving House with Kids – 6 Basic Tips

Making the stress of your house relocation less for your little ones should be on the top of your list of priorities. Children tend to suffer much more from a change of address than adults, and bearing in mind the horrific things that we know about post-relocation depression, you just do not want your kids to go through this nightmare. Here are several handy tips on how you can make the transition easier for them.

The top two strategies

First and foremost, you need to remember that keeping a communications channel with your little ones at all times is vital. This is true throughout every stage of their upbringing but is even more important in those cases when you would like to reduce the stress of moving. Sit them down and explain why you are moving, and where. Point out all the benefits of this decision and answer the questions your kids might be having as honestly as possible. Make them understand that you are there for them at all times, and they can approach you always, no matter how busy you seem.

The second good strategy to implement is to inform your removal company that you have little children living with you. In this way, the technicians assigned to your project will be able to give you tips derived from experience and make the necessary preparations to execute the removal in the most kid-friendly manner possible. A quality domestic removal service in London is one that protects your kids, and you will need to go an extra mile if necessary to find one.

Of course, there is always more that you can do

Other important things to try when you are preparing for your upcoming relocation in order to make it easier on your children include:

  • Involve them in the process – whether it is delegating small packing tasks or let them choose the decoration for their new room, keeping kids in the loop can get them excited about the upcoming removal and thus leave them less time to worry about and suffer from stress.
  • Protect their lives – take steps to ensure that your children will not lose touch with their friends, even if you are moving far away. Loneliness or rather the feeling of loneliness is one of the main factors causing depression, and that’s precisely what you try to avoid.
  • Get them excited about your new place of residence – show them around the area, particularly areas that they are going to love well before you move in. Whether it is a playground, a museum or the local Mall – give them something to look forward to.
  • Take a trip/make them a present – a housewarming present, even if it is just a toy that they wanted for a long time, will make your kids happy.

As you can see, the job ahead of you is important as it comes with many responsibilities but it is nothing that you cannot handle provided you approach the situation with the necessary dedication and the willingness to succeed.

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