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Learn How to Pack Glassware

Glassware is one of the categories of items that can easily break or damage during a domestic move. That is why you need to know how to pack them properly. Before we get to that part, however, take a good look at your entire collection of glassware and get rid of glass items that are cracked, stained or chipped. That will help you save some money on packing supplies and it will make more room in the moving truck for the items that really matter.

Packing materials you will need

You will need a few specialised packing supplies when preparing your glassware for the road. Using alternative solutions like old towels and socks won’t be a very good idea since, unlike paper, these things cannot be properly stabilised in the box with a packing tape. So, here is everything you will need to pack your glassware for moving:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Regular packing paper or newspaper
  • Soft packing paper
  • Plastic moving containers or cardboard boxes
  • Tape

Packing drinking glasses

If you are planning to put your glasses in a moving box, tape the bottom side of the box well to prevent it from opening under the weight of the glassware. Once you do that, make a few balls out of newspaper or packing paper. Place them at the bottom of the cardboard box or the moving container. This is an important step since the paper will help preserve your glassware during the moving and transit process. Next, wrap each glass with a layer of soft packing paper and then add another layer of regular packing paper or newspaper. The former is necessary to prevent the glass from being scratched by the latter. Add some tape to the wrapping to ensure that it will not unwrap during the move. Arrange the packed glassware mouth-down in the moving box or container. You can stack another layer of glasses over the first one, just make sure you place some bubble wrap between them. Avoid filling the box or the container to the very top. Leave some room and fill it with paper balls that will absorb any shocks and protect the glassware in case there is another box on top of it. Close the moving containers or the cardboard box and tape it well. Label it “fragile” and write which side is up.

Packing stemmed glass

GlasswareStemmed glass is used for various kinds of drinks including wine, beer, cocktails and etc. Unlike regular drinking glass, stemmed glassware is more delicate and thus it is also more fragile. Plus, the stems can easily break. Therefore, you may want to pack them separately from the rest of your glassware. Still, if you want to put everything in one box, place the stemmed glassware at the top.

Packing stemmed glassware is similar to packing stemless glasses. The only big difference is that you will need to pay some special attention to the stems. Wrap them with bubble wrap and tape them so that they won’t unwrap. Again, you will need to pack the entire glass with paper but this time around, you can add two layers of soft packing paper and another two layers of regular paper. That’s it!

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