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Five handy moving tips you rarely hear about

Moving homes is often stressful and strenuous. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do in order to make the process much more bearable and not suffer though unnecessary complications. There are tons of useful moving house guides over the internet that will help you in that direction. The only problem with those is that they often repeat the same tips and pieces of advice. Naturally, those are going to come much in handy and you need to be acquainted with them, but there are more things that you need to have in mind.

Here we have gathered five of the least mentioned, still vital tricks and tips that you need to know when preparing to move homes. Hopefully they will add up to making your life a little bit easier on your moving day.

Saving energy and money is important

Let’s start with three tips and strategies that will actually help you reduce the costs of your removal, as well as save yourself a lot of straining when it comes to the preparation and execution of your house removal:

  • Any reputable removal company in London will not only present you with a top of the shelf service but also will be able to tailor the price for it so that it fits your budget. For example, there are pretty useful discount packages – end of tenancy cleaning plus moving for instance – that you can make use of. Or the so called mid-week discount, that will enable you to save some quid if you choose to move in the period between Monday and Thursday. Just ask your movers of choice if they can offer you such an option.
  • Plastic crateHeavy and bulky objects should always be packed separately or in small boxes. This one might sound quite logical, but you will be surprised how many people actually pack things such as books in huge boxes that are 1) too heavy to lift; 2) too dangerous to handle. Do not be one of those people.
  • Instead of buying cardboard moving boxes, you can rent plastic crates to pack your things in. They are much more environment friendly, but also come on better prices and after you return them, you will not have to wonder what to do with them anymore.

Two additional tips that will save your life

Quite naturally, when moving out you have quite a few things on your mind. And many people often forget that they need to clean their old property before moving out. That is particularly important when you are vacating rented premises. Do not forget about your end of tenancy cleaning, and better yet, hire professionals to do the job for you, so that you can rest assured you are going to get a refund on your rental deposit.

Another thing people tend to ignore is the nasty business with the post-removal depression. It is normal to feel down and out after you move houses, but do not let it ruin your life. Cheer up and think about the future, and be prepared to do some fun stuff once your relocation is over, so that you do not succumb to depression.

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