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Valuable Home Moving Tips for Millennials

The general stereotype of millennials (people born in the 1980s and the 1990s) is that they:

  • Love oversharing on social media
  • Struggle to make ends meet
  • Were born with a degree in computer science
  • Are extremely sensitive to social injustice

The stereotypical representative of Generation Y is also believed to be obsessed with travelling.

The reality, however, is that every millennial is different. Still, there may be a grain of truth in the statement that the Gen Y-ers enjoy being on the go.

Don’t like to be tied to one place

Recent surveys show that namely millennials move home more than any other generation. People who are currently in their 20s and 30s do not simply relocate to a new apartment or a house, they relocate to other cities and even countries in an attempt to explore the world, learn more about other cultures and expand their view of the world.

If you are a millennial or you know one that is about to move home (yet again), maybe you will find the following batch of moving tips useful as they are focusing exclusively on Generation Y.

Enough with the procrastination

Just like most young people, millennials often find themselves in the merciless grip of procrastination. However, if you want to relocate to a new place, putting off this task for an indefinite period of time is not going to make things easier for you. Quite the opposite – that terrible habit will sabotage your move. Therefore, start saving money now, ask around for recommendations on some good moving services, get down to decluttering your closet immediately.

Don’t just up and leave

Another thing for which the Gen Y-ers are famous is their spontaneity. That is not necessarily a bad thing since being spontaneous often means that you seize the day and end up with some amazing memories and experiences. Nevertheless, even if you really hate your current apartment or the city in which you are living right now, do not just pack in a hurry and leave first thing in the morning. Don’t forget that you are an adult and as such you have quite a few important responsibilities such as cleaning up your rental home before you vacate it. Even if you are pressed by time, you can still take care of this task by using low-cost end of tenancy cleaning services in London such as the ones offered by Removals 24/7’s very own team of experts. After all, your deposit depends on that.

Social media and home moves don’t go well together

A home move would make a great Instagram story! Maybe but, by all means, keep your relocation away from social media websites. Believe it or not, but there are many professional burglars out there who love to find new victims using the power of the Internet and modern society’s oversharing habits. Don’t worry, you can post a snap or two after you have settled into your new home. But if any of your friends ask you for your new address, DM or PM it to them instead of posting in the comments section.

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