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Pack for a Move with These Xmas Gift Wrapping Hacks

Have you noticed that preparing for a holiday like Christmas takes a lot of craftiness and DIY expertise? You need to show your artistic side when you decorate the holiday tree and the house. Then you need to wrap a ton of gifts and that again requires a great deal of imagination and creativity. Compared to all this, preparing for a home move may seem like a dull and tiring ordeal, right? Well, you would probably be quite surprised to learn that Christmas and domestic relocations are more alike than you can imagine. They always come with great excitement but they can also be very stressful. They both involve weeks or even months of planning and organising and each of them can burn a deep hole into your pocket. You also need to declutter the house before the Big Day, whether that day is a moving-out day or Christmas Eve. Which means that holidaymakers and people who are about to relocate can benefit if they rely on efficient junk disposal services in London. What is even more interesting is that wrapping Xmas gifts and packing for a move are two strikingly similar activities. For that reason, you can up your packing game by following some of the best and most valuable holiday wrapping hacks. Do that and:

  • You will enjoy a more hassle-free moving experience
  • Your items will make it to your new home in one piece
  • Relocation costs will go south
  • Any home move will become festive and fun

Size matters

If you don’t measure up your wrapping paper properly, you will get a sloppy-looking result. The size of the paper matters and so does the size of your moving boxes. It is best if you get several of each type but do focus on those that are small and medium-sized. Handling a large or extra-large cardboard box filled to the brim with various stuff can be a heavy task that you may want to avoid.

Put a label on it

One of the main Christmas gift wrapping rules is to always put a tag on each present. In that way, there will be no confusion about who gets what. You can apply this trick in the context of household relocations too. Label each of the boxes you have packed. To do that, you do not need to buy any fancy tags or other supplies. Simply use a black marker pen. Write what each box contains and mark if there is anything fragile in it. Also, don’t forget to label which side goes up.

Use tape to secure

Just like you use tape to secure the wrapping of every present, rely on this handy hack when you are packing for a move. That will help you keep the lid closed and secure at all times. You can also tape up the bottom of boxes containing heavy items to ensure that it will not tear.

Practice makes perfect

If you are not happy with the way you did your packing, do not lose heart. It takes time to master any art whether that art is wrapping Christmas gifts or packing for a move.

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