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Long-Distance Job Searching When Planning to Move

If you are planning to move to a new city, you are probably thinking about starting a job search. A job search away from the place you currently live in isn’t always easy, but it is possible. The following tips will help you have a successful job search, as you plan and prepare for your upcoming relocation.

Local job search

The best way to find a job in the area where you are planning to live and work is to use local business networks, local newspaper and local job sites to find job advertisements and listings. Also, if you have friends or acquaintances near the new location, ask them if they will let you stay with them during an interview. This can be helpful if you mention it in your cover letters. You can also mention the reasons for your relocation, how long you are planning a stay, etc.

Move first and then start a job search

This step is for bold ones but finding a job when you’re in the city where you want to work is a lot easier than finding it from afar. You should definitely consider this tip if you are confident that you can find a temporary job as you are looking for a full-time one. Employers are more likely to give a chance to someone who isn’t hundreds of miles away. Even if you don’t move first, mention that you are planning to relocate.

Do your homework

Before you make any final decisions, it is important that you do a research to find whether your new salary will be enough for paying the bills in the new place where you are planning to live and work. You should:

  • know what the average salary for a certain job in a certain location is
  • compare the cost of living between your current and a new city to know what you can expect

Be realistic

Unless you are applying for a high-level executive position and you are the most qualified candidate for the job, know that not many companies will agree to pay your moving expenses, especially if you are planning an international move. You will have to use cost-efficient international removal services in London to help you move abroad, for example, or do it by yourself. Additionally, travel expenses when flying for an interview are also on you. But, if the company feels the absolute need to have you and give you the job, you can negotiate relocation benefits.

Eligibility for unemployment benefits

You should check with old and new unemployment offices to see if you are eligible for any benefits. Be proactive and make sure you have all relevant information before you file your claim.

Be open to broadening your options

Finally, it is very important to be flexible about the jobs you are willing to take, if you are moving last minute, for example. It is easier to find a job after you settle in so you may want to be open-minded for starters. Would you consider a part-time job or a lower-level position? Think about your options and make the right choices.

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