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Standard Procedures When Moving to Another Country

When it comes to moving houses within the boundaries of a single city, or the country at least, people have things figured out more or less. The matter of relocating to another place of residence that is outside England, however, becomes more complicated. That is why if you are planning on moving to Wales, France, Spain or any other country that is not your own, you should go an extra mile in order to make sure that the process goes smoothly and you have no problems settling down.

The basics

First and foremost, international removals are more complicated mainly because they:

  • Traditionally cover a greater distance
  • You might have to move more possessions at once
  • There are borders to be crossed

Long-distance relocations pose considerable challenges, and in case you are moving to the continent, there will be different modes of transportation for yourself and your goods to plan. While when moving within a single city you might hitch a ride on the van or truck, when moving abroad you will have to catch a train, plane or drive, while your furniture and other personal possessions are being transported separately.

Since going back to collect items you’ve forgotten or did not want to bring with the bulk of your possessions is much more complicated, you are going to need to pack and prepare everything all at once. Make an extensive list of every single piece of furniture, clothing, and personal objects that you wish to have with you. Think carefully about the way you are going to pack them so that they can survive the long haul. You will need to book sufficiently large transit vehicle/vehicles as well.

Last but not least, crossing the border with so many things might require specific permits, insurance and other paperwork. You cannot just load a truck full of furniture and hope to go through certain customs or border control points without trouble.

Fortunately, with the right movers by your side, you can hope to get assistance with all those problems and more, without a doubt. Find a contractor that offers proven high-quality international removals from London and tell them about the specs of your project and the plans that you have. Such firms not only offer you useful pieces of advice but will deal with some of the paperwork and the majority of the preparations (such as professionally packing your valuables) for you. If you have any questions or worries do not hesitate to ask them for their opinion.

Brexit is a complication

Have in mind that the impending Brexit and the fact that no one still knows what changes it will bring to EU policy toward British citizens can pose a considerable amount of complications on your international removal. If you are planning to move in the next several months, you should stay in touch with the latest developments and ask the authorities what kind of residence permits, etc. you will need for the country you will be moving to. Do not leave things for the last possible minute, because this may make your task much worse, if not impossible to handle.

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