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How to Get Ready for the Physical Aspect of a Move?

A domestic relocation can be both mentally and physically challenging and draining. While it can be hard to control how you react to the more stressful and tense aspects of a home move, you can easily control the way your body deals with the physical side of this experience – simply put, the heavy lifting. Get ready to pump those muscles of yours because even if you only need to move a few boxes of stuff, you will still put your body through a test. Failing this test could easily mean ending up with an injury or feeling as if you had been hit by a truck by the time to finish the whole moving ordeal. That is why you need to get ready for the physical aspect of your relocation by:

    • Flexing your brain before you flex any muscles
    • Learn some pro techniques for heavy lifting
    • Get some basic moving tools
    • Using a helping hand (or two)
    • Prioritising your health and wellbeing

Do all of these things and you will be able to handle even the bulkiest furniture piece without any hassle.

Use your brain before you use your muscles

If you wish, you can start hitting the gym more intensely several weeks prior to your household removal. However, do not rely solely on your muscles and physical strength when you need to move oversized and heavy items. Run every hefty moving task through your brain first. For instance, consider if any of the bulky furniture you have can be disassembled. That will make your load lighter. If you need to move any desks or cabinets, empty them. Put logic before strength and only when that does not work out you can put your muscles to good work.

Rely on the right lifting technique to avoid injuries

Any professional mover will tell you that whenever you are trying to lift a big and heavy object, you need to use your legs and not your back or your hands. To do that, remember to bend your knees and to use the muscles in your legs to lift the overweight item. If you keep your legs straight, you may injure your back or lose your balance. Make sure you keep your back straight to once again avoid an injury.

Must-have moving equipment and tools

Moving trolleys, straps and ramps – do not underestimate the power of specialised moving tools. Such equipment can further lighten up the load. You can rent all of these things from your local removals company at a fair price.

Find someone to help you out

Even the sturdiest moving dolly or the most professional lifting technique will not help you move a large sofa or a king-size bed all by yourself. For that, you will need the assistance of friends, relatives or, even better, a qualified team of movers. Our advice? Go for the latter because licensed relocations businesses also offer excellent additional solutions such as cost-efficient end of tenancy cleaning in London. Plus, they have more experience than you.

Pay attention to your health

This is not a good time to skip meals, indulge in heavy drinking or staying up until the middle of the night. Putting your body through such an unhealthy way of living will make you feel drained even before all the heavy work starts. Take things easy and find a way to let your body rest and recharge before the moving day. Also, try consuming energy and strength-boosting food such as eggs, salmon, apples and bananas.

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