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The Complexity of Moving into Your First Office

Every year, more than 600,000 new businesses are established in the United Kingdom. If you are about to launch your own start-up company, you are probably anticipating the day on which you will move into your very first office. This is a big step for any business – big or small. So, you should plan it carefully in order to be able to safely see it through. The best thing about planning a business relocation of a newly-founded company is that you do not need to make any data backups, update your business cards and website or send numerous newsletters to your clients to let them know of your upcoming address change. That is because you are starting from a clean slate. Still, it is namely because of this that many start-up owners underestimate how complicated it can be to move into your first office. There are several major problems that may arise during the relocation process which may easily slow down or even postpone the start of your business operations. Those include:

  • Purchasing equipment and furniture that does not fit in the office
  • Ignoring the rules of the business building in which you are renting office space
  • Thinking that you won’t need to use specialised moving services
  • Forgetting to obtain a parking permit for the day of the move

Even if you think that you have everything under control, it is worth double-checking it all and one way to do this is by adding this post to your reading list.

Measure it

Do not go shopping for office equipment and furniture before you find the right office space for it. Once you cross that task off your list, measure every wall, door and window there. Knowing the exact dimensions of your office will help you choose desks, folder cabinets, etc. that will properly fit into the space you have.

Check the building rules

The only case in which you can ignore this step is if you own the entire building in which your first office is located. If that is not the case, you will need to ask the building’s manager when it will be possible for you to move into your office. You will then get a strict time window in which you must fit. Do not forget to ask if you can use the elevator during the move.

You will still need to hire movers

Many companies assign small move-related tasks to their employees but if are yet to hire your team, you will not have that luxury. But even if you do, it is advisable to opt for local office removals in London. The pros can help you by picking up your new equipment from the store, finding you a temporary storage unit if you need one and more.

Get a parking permit

It is one thing to park a small personal vehicle in front of an office building and a whole other thing to park a large moving van there. For the latter, you will definitely need a special parking permit. Contact your local council to see how you can get one.

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