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Writing an Office Relocation Letter – Why and How

Moving office is not just about packing office supplies into boxes and disassembling furniture. There are many other important tasks that you and your team need to take care of prior to the day of the move and one of them is to write and send out an office relocation letter.

What should your office relocation letter include?

An office or a business relocation letter is a brief announcement letter which has the purpose to inform a company’s clients, suppliers, partners and even their competitors about its upcoming move. The most important rule about it is that it should always be brief and to the point. Do not use it to announce some new service or a product that your company is planning to launch in the near future. Instead, the main information which this letter should contain is:

  • Your new address
  • Your new contact details
  • Only relevant details
  • The name of the company

If you deem it necessary, you can add a bit more info to it. For example, if your new office is set in a busy area or to a more remote part of the city, you can include short instruction on how to quickly get there (e.g. public transport that can be used or a list of nearby landmarks and main roads).

Make several versions of the letter

Like it was already explained, this announcement is to be sent to different groups of people (clients, associates, rivals, suppliers, etc.). Therefore, you will need to write a separate letter personalised to each of these groups. Also, make sure that your address them individually to make a good impression and to make the receiver of the letter feel special.

Do not stop here

Writing and sending out business relocation letters to everyone on your mailing list is not enough. You also need to announce your upcoming move on your website, through your email and social media pages. If you have associates or clients that are really important for your company, do not hesitate to give them a call or to pay them a visit to inform them in person about your relocation plans and your business’ new contact details and address.

When to send it?

Send your office relocation letter 3 weeks before the moving day. That will give your customers and associates more than enough time to prep for the change. Start planning and writing the announcement at least 6 months before the move. Why? Well, an office relocation letter is a lot like packing for a move. You start choosing and ordering quality packing materials in London several weeks before you get to the actual packing stage. That is because you need a different packing strategy and technique for all the separate item categories. Fragile electronic equipment will require extra bubble wrap, furniture pieces will need to be disassembled… In the case of a business relocation letter, you will need to address people in a certain way depending on their relation to your company and provide them with information that often may concern only them (e.g. delivery time window for suppliers).

Do not underestimate the importance of this short announcement letter and do it by the book.

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