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Decision Making: DIY Removal and Hiring Professionals

When moving time comes, you will have to make a decision whether to hire a professional moving company or do it yourself. Each option has its benefits and downsides. For example, if you hire professionals, you avoid packing, acquiring packing supplies, heavy lifting and other tedious tasks. But, if you choose a DIY option, you will save money. This tough decision is up to you so before you make one, you should consider a few important aspects. Check them out.

Consider all moving-related costs

It is obvious that by choosing a DIY option over hiring professional movers, you will save money, right? Well, it’s not that simple because there are many moving-related costs you mustn’t overlook. For example, if you opt for a DIY relocation, you’ll have to pay for a truck rental and the gas. If you’re moving long-distance, this might not come as a cheaper option. Also, it will probably take you longer to move on your own in comparison to hiring pros. You might even have to take some time off work, which means lost wages. So, is the money saved on movers worth lost wages? And finally, if your injury yourself during the move, consider medical bills. Think carefully about these before you make a final decision.

Consider the time factor

Most people moving want this stressful process to be over as quickly as possible. And this is one of the main reasons why many of them hire movers because they believe that their experience and skills will fasten up entire relocation. They utilise proven packing strategies, know how to move bulky and awkward objects, they are organised, efficient and know how to protect your belongings during transportation. Therefore, if you are considering moving on your own, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have the organisational skills?
  • What about spatial relations skills?
  • Do you have knowledge and stamina to lift heavy objects?
  • Do you usually leave tasks to the last minute?

If the answer to all questions is no, perhaps hiring movers is the best decision for you, especially if you have to clean the property after moving out. A team of trained professionals who offer a reliable one-off cleaning in London can help you with this job.

How to ensure the protection of your belongings?

When it comes to protecting your belongings, there are two risks which you should take into considerations and those are physical damage and theft. The risk of items being stolen during a DIY removal is minimal. But also, if you hire reputable movers, it is highly unlikely that something will get stolen. Physical damage to your passions is, however, a bigger concern. With a DIY removal, if you carry something heavy without proper equipment and the know-how, there is a chance you will drop it and break it. On the other hand, professional movers lift heavy and bulky items for living, which means that they are much less likely to damage your possessions by accident. Additionally, they know how to wrap and pack fragile, valuable and large items, including mirrors, TVs, pool tables, chandeliers, artwork, antique furniture, etc. With all the required tools and equipment, not many things can go wrong with pros by your side.

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