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Dealing with Cold Feet Before a Home Move

You have found and bought the home of your dreams and suddenly you are hit by almost crippling anxiety and a feeling of panic because out of nowhere your mind is overtaken by doubt. Is this what I want? Is this a good decision? Maybe I should have purchased a different house! If these thoughts start fighting for dominance in your head a few days before your relocation, you are getting cold feet. Why is this happening to you? Well, there are several possible scenarios here:

  • There really is a good reason for you to doubt the decision to move
  • You are simply too tired
  • You are stressed
  • This is how you tend to react to change

To determine whether you should proceed with your moving plans to call off the whole thing, you will need to do several things that will help you determine the reason behind your anxiety.

Go through the pros and cons of this situation

Sit down and make a list of the positive and the negative sides of your move or the new home. That can help you pinpoint the exact cause behind your nervousness (if there is one at all) or to remember why you have decided to make this big decision. No matter the outcome of this exercise, it will either confirm your fears or erase them which is important since right now you are sitting on a fence.

Share your fears with someone you trust

Once you know what about your move troubles, you can discuss it with someone close to you that you trust and who knows you well. For instance, if you are about to move in together with your partner but, at the same time, you worry that you may not be completely ready for such a big step, talk it through with your best friend. They may give you a valuable piece of advice. Even if they don’t, there are times in which we simply need to voice our fears in order to understand, accept or overcome them.

Imagine your life in your new home

Organising a full house move is always time-consuming, burdensome and stressful. At one point, you end up focusing all of your energy into planning, comparing quotes, looking for effective packing services in London, dealing with utility providers, etc. And, at one point, you start wondering if all of that effort will be worth it. That is why it can be beneficial to visualise your life in your new house or flat. Imagine how your days will feel and look like, what you can do with the extra space or all the great things you can do in your new neighbourhood. That may give you the confidence boost you so desperately need at the moment.

Spend some quality me-time

Another side effect of planning and organising a relocation is feeling physically and mentally tired and depleted. That is not a good combination as it can make you moody, sad and even depressed. So, try taking a break from all moving-related tasks. Spend a whole weekend doing things you love and which have nothing to do with the move. That may be just what you need to warm those cold feet of yours.

Finally, know that feeling anxious and uncertain before such a major life change is normal. People get cold feet before their wedding, an important job interview and exams. Unless you are greatly impacted by these emotions (e.g. by experiencing panic attacks, suffering a depression, etc.), you should not fear from the next chapter in your life. Find the courage in you to turn to a new page because that is where you will find an exciting story. The great thing is that you will get to be the main character in that story! It is up to you to make it a best-seller!

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