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Removal can be a stressful and exhausting experience if you do not make proper planning and preparations. Having the right tools for your removal is a must if you want to ensure a safe and secure removal and avoid personal injuries. There is so much of lifting, carrying and other demanding tasks you simply cannot […]

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UK passport

If you thought that moving to a new neighbourhood is stressful, imagine if you had to move to a different country. Many people experience a culture shock soon after their international relocation. That is something normal, especially if you have moved into a country that is completely different from the one in which you have […]

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Plastic crate

Moving homes is often stressful and strenuous. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do in order to make the process much more bearable and not suffer though unnecessary complications. There are tons of useful moving house guides over the internet that will help you in that direction. The only problem with those is […]

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Brent Reservoir

London is a huge and pretty diverse place – that is something that everyone knows. When it comes to the English capital, we are talking about a metropolis of astounding dimensions, perfect for business, full of colourful international communities and nice places to live in no matter what your own personal preferences and needs are. […]

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Books in library

Moving homes can be pretty stressful and there are quite a few tasks that you have to get taken care of if you want for the job to go smoothly and be completed successfully. Quite naturally, if there are special items or sets of items in your house that you will be moving with, matters […]

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Moving lorrie

One of the top reasons why people move homes is related to their work. They either want to get better job opportunities or they have already found them but they are not in the area in which they are currently living. Moving close to the office has its advantages since it means: Lower transportation costs […]

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The Royal National Theatre at night

The English capital is currently the most visited city on the planet. Every year, London welcomes millions of travellers from all corner of the world. This tendency is mainly due to the city’s rich historical and cultural heritage. The largest city in Britain is home to an abundance of internationally known places of interest, and […]

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Dublin by night

Europe is home to some of the most beautiful, charming and developed urban areas in the world. This means that there is an immense choice of places where you will enjoy living. Here are some of the best cities on the European continent. Dublin It may come as a surprise to you but Dublin is […]

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Claridge’s Hotel

Westminster is questionably the most fascinating and famous area of the English capital. The borough is home to numerous internationally known landmarks and to some of the most fashionable and opulent neighbourhoods in the United Kingdom and the world. Paddington is one of the most popular neighbourhoods of Westminster. It is the location of St. […]

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Moving boxes pile

Packing is a very important part of transportation of furniture, handling home and office removals of any size and nature. Size and shape matter Arguably the most important supply for any move is the box, or rather the boxes that you are going to use in order to make your goods roadworthy. Removal boxes come […]

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Top Removal Tips

Removals 24/7’s blog is a comprehensive source of information and advice on all aspects of home, office and establishment relocation. The Blog features useful content in the form of DIY guides and checklists covering essentials like packing and wrapping of valuables, sorting and inventory of items, disposing of unwanted items for a lighter, cheaper removal service, also information and tips on including various additional options and more. Readers can also find articles on organising and scheduling the relocation in the most efficient and convenient way. Our writers research and summarise content on which suburbs and boroughs of the city are currently popular with families or businesses– easy to grasp facts and analysis to help people get more familiar and comfortable with their new surroundings. We also keep an eye an out for innovations, developments and regulation changes concerning the professional removal industry so readers are up to speed with the nitty gritty stuff. The blog page is well structured and easy to navigate so readers are never further than a couple of clicks away from the content or topic they find interesting. Our dedicated contributors are constantly researching and adding new material to the blog so there is always something fresh to grab your attention.