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The First Day after your Removal

You removal is coming to an end. All those preparations and planning are behind you and you feel relieved now that you have finally arrived at your new home. You are excited but also afraid of new things and you feel so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start and what to do. What are you going to do on the first day and night in your new house and new environment? What’s important is that the hardest part of your removal is behind you but this doesn’t mean you don’t have more work to do.

Here are few ideas on what to do on you first day at your new place.

Enjoy the first moments

The first moments in your new home are memorable. Allow yourself to enjoy and admire every corner, every room. This is a huge success for you. You made it, your removal is almost over and you can start a new life and turn this house into your new home. Take a few moments to simply stand there and soak the energy of your new home.

Check if all your possessions are intact

The next step would be checking if all your stuff is here. Check if all boxes are here and inspect furniture and other items for damage. Take the boxes to their rooms where they belong and place them in the middle of a room. However, if you arrive before your movers, the best thing you can do is clean the house. It is easier to clean it when there are no boxes all over the place.

Open your essentials box

Your essentials box is filled with items and necessities you need on your first day or first couple of days in your new home. It contains drinks and snacks, toiletries, fresh towels, bedding, medications, some clothes, etc.

Rest, rest, rest

RelaxationYou are probably feeling exhausted both emotionally and physically and you need to relax and rest. Forget about all boxes around you and remember unpacking can wait, boxes are not going anywhere. Make the bed and then take a shower. You will probably have to assemble you bed first if you don’t have air mattress and if the house is not furnished. Therefore, take a nap or just lie down and give yourself some time to relax your mind and your body. You get extra rest points if you opted for pro packing in the first place.

Go out and grab a dinner

Setting up your kitchen on the first day in your new home is not something you want or are able to do. You are too tired for unpacking your dishware and other kitchen items. Therefore, since you have to eat, go out at some nice restaurant and have a dinner. This will be a great opportunity to inspect your surroundings a bit and just enjoy a dinner with your family. On the other hand, if you are too tired for talking a walk to a restaurant, a take-out is nice option too. Just remember to enjoy and relax and you can take care of the second part of your removal-post removal tasks tomorrow.

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