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Equipment you need for a stress-free removal

Removal can be a stressful and exhausting experience if you do not make proper planning and preparations. Having the right tools for your removal is a must if you want to ensure a safe and secure removal and avoid personal injuries. There is so much of lifting, carrying and other demanding tasks you simply cannot manage without a proper equipment.

Therefore, before you start with loading your items onto the truck or van, make sure you acquire these essential moving tools.

  1. Appliance dolly

Appliance dolly is perhaps one of the most important tools when moving. Two types of these dollies are available: a two-wheeled dolly and a four-wheeled dolly.

  1. The first ones are great when moving boxes of different size. You will avoid lifting and save your back, and you will also minimize chances to drop the box and break your fragile items.
  2. The second ones are essential when moving large house items, like furniture pieces, kitchen appliances and other. Just make sure you secure the items using straps and ropes.
  3. Moving ramps

Moving ramps are essential if you have stairs and need to move your items on a dolly down the stairs. Also, they are necessary when loading possessions onto the truck. They will make your moving process quicker and easier.

  1. Bubble wrap and moving blankets

Before you move your household items, it is necessary that you cover them and protect them against dust, stains and damages. Moving blankets are great for protecting furniture for example, and you can use bubble wrap to cover smaller and valuable items. Additionally, you can use both moving blankets and bubble wrap to protect floors and carpets during removal. This way you will protect it from scratches, moisture and all kinds of dirt.

  1. Moving straps

Moving straps and ropes should be included in your moving tools list. They are a great tool to use when moving heavy and big items. As mentioned above, you can also use them to secure items when using a dolly. Using straps and ropes will prevent injuries and also ensure your items and secured when moving loading onto the truck.

  1. Tool kit

ToolboxIt is smart to have a tool kit when moving. Perhaps you will have to disassemble some household items like furniture, beds, tables, etc. The last thing you want is to waste your time on searching for a screwdriver to take your table apart. Therefore, make sure you have a kit ready, regardless if you think you won’t need it.

  1. Scissors and tape

These essentials need to be with you all the time because you will use them constantly. You will need to tape some box again, secure furniture parts, or tape small parts and screws under the desks and tables. Just make sure you have these with you all the time.

In conclusion

There are many ways to make your removal smooth and less stressful. Having the right moving tools and equipment is essential if you want to avoid injuries and secure your valuable items (prevent damages). Therefore, make sure you get the items from the list. You can rent some of these tools from Removals 24/7. They will make sure to provide any assistance you may need.

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