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Culture Shock After Moving to a Different Country

If you thought that moving to a new neighbourhood is stressful, imagine if you had to move to a different country. Many people experience a culture shock soon after their international relocation. That is something normal, especially if you have moved into a country that is completely different from the one in which you have lived previously. Most people learn to deal with the culture shock with time by simply accepting and getting used to the social norms and habits in the new country. But it is always better to speed up this process a bit. Otherwise, your job performance may suffer and you may even become very depressed.

Learn to recognise the signs

Not everyone experiences culture shock when they move into a different country. For example, if you have travelled to many places around the world or if you are an extremely extroverted and outgoing person, you may have an easier time adapting to your new surroundings. But if you feel a bit off soon after your relocation, pay attention to the following symptoms:

  • You suffer from headaches and other types of pain;
  • You struggle to sleep at night;
  • You feel lonely;
  • You are very insecure;
  • You feel homesick;
  • You develop a compulsive obsession (e.g. often a health or a cleaning-related one);
  • You are filled with anger;

If you have two or more of these symptoms, you are probably suffering from a culture shock. To get over it quickly and effectively, you will need to make a bit of an effort.

Learn the social norms in advance

UK passportBefore you pack your bags and head to your new country of residence, read more about the social norms there. You can buy a tourist guidebook, for instance, or you can find a lot of valuable information online. Consider relying on quality international removal services in London. In that way, you will be able to focus more on mentally preparing yourself for the big upcoming move.

Don’t shut away from the world around you

Once you arrive at your new destination, do not spend too much time locked between four walls. Get out there and explore the city. Be like a tourist and visit all the big local landmarks and attractions. Go to museums and galleries. That will help you appreciate the country’s history and culture more. Plus, it may even allow you to understand the reason behind some of the habits of the locals.

Surround yourself with people from other cultures

Make friends with people from cultures different from the one of the country. Chances are that they too have experienced a culture shock and they will know exactly how you are feeling. In that way, you will not feel alone and misunderstood. Also, your new friends can give you valuable tips on how to behave among locals and etc.

If you don’t know the local language well, sign up for some language classes. Having a language barrier between you and the people around you will only make your culture shock even greater.

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