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Packing up a library – a guide

Moving homes can be pretty stressful and there are quite a few tasks that you have to get taken care of if you want for the job to go smoothly and be completed successfully. Quite naturally, if there are special items or sets of items in your house that you will be moving with, matters become even more complicated.  A large home library – one consisting of hundreds of books – is such a thing. But have no fear, you can still preserve your much cherished library and have a relatively hassle-free move if you do it right.

The initial stages of moving a library

Preparation is the key to success in all things in life. It is quite the same with moving a personal library. The first thing to do is to inform your licensed movers in London that you have a lot of books that you will be taking with you, so that they can make the necessary preparations. What is more, a team of experienced movers will be more than capable of providing you with useful pieces of advice on how to manage every stage of your relocation project, not only in relation to moving your library. They will also be in a position to supply you with the necessary moving boxes, so that you would not have to look specifically for such that are suitable for fitting books in them.

Books in libraryAnother task you will have to take care of on this first, initial stage of moving your library is to actually go through your collection and ask yourself whether you really want to take all of them with you. If there are volumes that have no sentimental value for you and you do not think you will be reading them ever again, then it might be a good idea to donate them to a local school or sell them online. Remember, the lesser the load, the smoother the relocation.

The most important packing tip

When it comes to placing books into boxes, there is really just one very important rule to follow: use small boxes. Thus you will be making sure that:

  • They are not too heavy to lift and move around comfortably
  • It will be easier to arrange them in the van or truck
  • Breaking of the box due to a heavy load is avoided

In any case, you should clearly label the boxes with their content, so that it is clear to anyone handling them what they hold and that it is going to be heavy.

And some extra points to consider

Packing books takes more time than expected so it would be a good idea to not postpone it for the last second. Actually, your personal library should be one of the first things to pack if you want to avoid too much hassle and stress.

Following the same logic, when you arrive at your new place of residence, the boxes containing the books should be among the first to unpack. Putting the books on the shelves right away will also make the property much more comfortable – and feel like home.

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