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Magnificent Local Nature Reserves in London

London is a huge and pretty diverse place – that is something that everyone knows. When it comes to the English capital, we are talking about a metropolis of astounding dimensions, perfect for business, full of colourful international communities and nice places to live in no matter what your own personal preferences and needs are.

Brent ReservoirWhat surprisingly few people know is that London is also one of the greenest European capitals. There are hundreds of gardens and public parks, in addition to former village commons and ancient forests scattered all across the territory of the city. Some of the best places to live in London are to be found namely around those areas – it is enough to look at the tons of business certified house movers in London get namely in those places. But there is another type of open green spaces here that deserve our attention. We are talking about of course about the beautiful nature reserves in London.

What does a local nature reserve mean?

The designation in question comes to signify a specific area that local authorities give to territories that contain wildlifeflora and fauna alike – that need to be protected. According to the latest lists, there are as many as 144 local nature reserves in Greater London as of today.

Which one deserve a special note

Of course, all of those territories are notable and should be protected, but if we should mention the most important among them, those are going to be:

  • The Brent Reservoir – the largest local nature reserve in Greater London, the Brent Reservoir covers the impressive 240.5 acres. It is also a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is to be found between Hendon and Wembley Park and is fed by the Silk Stream, as well as the River Brent. It is particularly important because of the bird species living here, such as the great crested grebe, gadwall, shoveler, common pochard, tufted duck and common tern. Sailing is also an important activity that takes place in the reservoir. Welsh Harp Sailing Club, Wembley Sailing Club, the Sea Cadets, and the University of London Sailing club operate here.
  • The Chase in Dagenham is a Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation. There are as many as 190 distinct bird species that are recorded to live here. The River Rom runs through the area and is a contributing factor to the local bio-diversity.
  • Big Wood and Little Wood are a pair of local nature reserves that are really nice for a walk in the wild. They are actually a stretch of ancient woodlands that are to be found in the immediate vicinity of the Hampstead Garden Suburb in the London Borough of Brent. Currently 8.5 hectares of the wood are protected. The forest is, according to the local specialists, well over a thousand years old. Bigwood Road, Temple Fortune Hill and Denman Drive South will lead you to Big Wood, while Little Wood can be accessed from Denman Drive North and Addison Way.

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