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Frequent relocation mistakes that you should avoid

Moving from one place to another takes time, energy and effort. Things can get even more complicated if you do not plan your entire relocation from start to end, as you will end up making errors that can be quite costly and irritating. Here are five common moving mistakes that people do, which you should do your best to evade.

Failing to purge

Throughout the years, you have certainly amassed a significant number of items that you do not necessarily need or use but still keep around. Moving all these objects will not only overly complicate your relocation but it will also increase its expenses, as you will have more things to haul from point A to point B. You can easily solve this conundrum by purging a portion of your belongings before you commence packing. Simply, gather your possessions and group into three piles (to keep, to donate and to throw away) all the items that you have not used in the last twelve months. By doing so, you will not only minimise the overall volume of the things that you will be bringing with you but you will also do a good deed by giving to less fortunate people, objects that they truly need.

Organised moves are easy and stress-free

Not planning in advance

Pile of packed boxesEven the simplest relocation can be a challenging and daunting task if it is not organised properly. So, instead of procrastinating and hoping that things will fall in place at the last minute, approach your pending move seriously and one month prior of D-day, sit down and draft a relocation schedule. This will allow you to have the peace of mind that you have taken care of everything to the smallest details and therefore that nothing will be lost or left behind.

Not hiring professionals in time

Removal companies tend to be busy, especially during spring and summer. This means that you should not leave for the last moment the booking of man and van services. Instead, contact the movers at least two weeks prior of your relocation and hire them. Your move will go much more quickly and smoothly if you use the comprehensive domestic removal services in London of Removal 24/7.

Top-notch packing materials is what you need

Getting cheap packing supplies

The safety of your belongings will be mostly be determined by the quality of the shielding products that you will use. Do not invest your money into questionable protective gear. Instead, purchase packing materials such as:

  • Double-walled cardboard boxes
  • Hardtop containers
  • Furniture blankets
  • Wardrobe cartons
  • Bubble wrap
  • Glassware and dishware boxes
  • Mattress cartons
  • Canvas tubes

Forget to draft an inventory list

Relocations can be hectic and fast-paced, and things tend to get lost, forgotten or damaged. The easiest way to learn if everything has been brought to you properly and safely is to make an inventory list in which all your belongings and their condition is stated. However, do not leave this task for the last day, as it is much more time consuming than you initially anticipate. It would be best if you draft the inventory list at least ten days before your moving date.

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