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Different types of packing materials used during relocations

Many people underestimate the importance of packaging during their removals, as they do not realise that the safety of their belongings is mainly due to the quality of the packing materials. The better the shielding products are the more protection your possessions will have, and the risk for damages will be lower. This brings the question, how to know when and which packaging supplies you should use. Fortunately, we will answer it for you.

Cardboard boxes

There are two types of cardboard boxes that you can use during your relocation: single-walled and double-walled. The former is cheaper but provide less protection as the material from which the carton is manufactured is of a lower quality and tends to tear more easily. Professional movers favour the latter as double-walled boxes are more durable and can carry heavier loads.

Hardtop containers

Hardtop containers can be found in various sizes and shapes. They are the ideal shielding product for the packing of fragile and breakable items such as:

  • Glassware
  • Dishware
  • Small and mid-size decorative features
  • Small and mid-size artwork
  • Delicate electronics
  • Watches and clocks
  • Optic glasses and sunglasses
  • Digital cameras and video cameras

Hardtop containers have cushioned interior, which provides an additional protective layer and therefore minimised the possible for damage.

Wardrobe cartons

These boxes are specially made for the packing and transportation of delicate clothing. They can be found in various sizes and have a rail on their topside on which the clothes can be hang with hangers. You can purchase wardrobe cartons from a moving company such as Removals 24/7 as it sells and delivers free of charge, high quality packing materials in London.

Furniture blankets

Packed items for movingYou cannot dismantle all your furnishings for your relocation as the process will be too time consuming and more importantly it will make the unpacking a nightmarish task. Furniture blankets are the ideal solution to protect the surfaces of the furniture that you will be moving without disassembling. The covers come in various sizes and are made from a thick fabric that will shielding your furnishings from unwanted dents, scratches and marks. The blankets cannot slip off during loading and transportation as they are anchored in place with special harnesses.

Mattress boxes

Moving a mattress is not easy, in fact it is among the most difficult items to relocate as they are heavy and tend to bend in all directions when they are being carried. These boxes facilitate the job as they stop the bending and the only thing that is left for you to do, is to life up the mattress and loaded on the removal vehicle that will haul your belongings.

Glassware and dishware cartons

These cartons are a cheaper alternative of the above-mentioned hardtop containers. They are specially made for the packing and hauling of dishes and glassware. They do not have cushioned insides, which elevates the potential for damages but they are also a better option than common single or double-walled boxes as they are slightly thicker. You can easily add a supplementary shielding coating by filling the cartons with packing peanuts.

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