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Cheapest London Areas for Renters

Living in the big city is never cheap, especially if that city is London. For many years, the English capital has been among the most expensive cities in the world. Although the Big Smoke finally dropped out of the top 100 of the priciest cities on the globe earlier this year, the cost of living in London continues to be high for most Londoners. As a result, the number of people who are moving out of our beloved capital has been increasing.

But have no fear because there are still a few affordable areas in the capital to which you can move to and rent an apartment at an acceptable price, even if you use premium-quality house removal services in London. Some of those include:

  • Colindale NW9
  • Hornchurch RM11, RM12
  • Croydon CR0
  • Brentford TW8
  • Leytonstone E11
  • Bromley BR1
  • Woolwich SE18

Affordability can be found in any part of London

A quick and easy way to find a more budget-friendly home to rent is to focus mainly on the available rental housing options in a London district that has a more remote and less strategic location. But what if you want to move to Central London, for example? Are there any cheap areas in that part of the English capital? Of course, there are although they won’t be as affordable as those in East London, for instance. So, let’s explore the most inexpensive boroughs to live in for each part of London!

Central London

If you prefer to live in the heart of the English capital but you are not a billionaire, move either to Southwark or to Islington. These are the two most affordable Central London boroughs at the moment. Still, they are affordable in their own way. Southwark makes an excellent pocket-friendly option for couples and young professionals who are not willing to share their living space with roommates. That is because one and two-bedroom options here are available at £1,700 and £1,160 per person respectively, which may sound like a fortune to you but it is quite the deal for this part of the capital. Islington, on the other hand, is a wiser option for families because three- and four-bedroom homes can be rented for just £1,095 and £895 per person respectively.

North London

This is probably the second most expensive part of London mainly because it is well-served by public transport. The Borough of Enfield is your best shot at finding a good place to rent for a low price. If you are willing to share your home with someone else, you will only need to pay between £520 and £700. However, rents for a one-bedroom property here start at £960.

South London

Go either with Sutton or Croydon if you want to move to South London. The rent rate per person in these boroughs for properties with more than one bedroom averages at £475.

East and West London

The most inexpensive part of the Big Smoke is East London and the most inexpensive part of East London is the Borough of Bexley. There, you can rent a four-bedroom home for just £410 per person. In comparison, West London is almost as expensive North London and one-bedroom rental options here will cost you at least £965 the cheapest local borough – Hillingdon. On the bright side, three and four-bedroom options in this borough will set you back with about £500 – £510 per person.

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