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Is moving home on a bank holiday a good idea? Like many other relocation-related dilemmas, this one also has its pros and cons. To see whether this strategy will work for you or not, you will first need to consider each of them carefully. The advantages The benefits of organising your relocation on a bank […]

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Pound notes

Becoming a student in a college or university often goes hand in hand with a home relocation. No matter whether your family home is located near your new place of study or not, chances are you will want to move in order to enjoy greater independence and freedom. The thing about this type of home […]

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Like all major cities in the world, London has a higher crime rate than its smaller counterparts. However, this shouldn’t make you believe that the English capital isn’t safe. In fact it is one of the safest European cities as the local authorities emphasise on their civic protection duties. Still despite their best efforts some […]

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Your desire is to live in West London but there are so many districts and neighbourhoods that you cannot decide which will suit you best. If you are going through this conundrums, have no worries because we are here to aid you by presenting you some of the most desirable areas of West London. Kensington […]

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South East London may not be London’s most famous area but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have charming and peaceful districts in which you can settle in and being your new life as a Londoner. Here are several of the finest neighbourhoods in South East London. Canada Water The area of Canada Water is […]

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The only way to go through a prompt and stress-free relocation is to properly schedule every single step of your move from start to end. 6 weeks before relocating Contact the man and van company that has earned your trust by providing an estimate with a reasonable quality/price ratio and book it. Keep in mind […]

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Metropolitan Green Belt

London has been among the most progressive cities in the world for centuries. From the first Tube network, some of the best Universities in the country, financial centres and much more – London has it all. The Metropolitan Green Belt is an important part of the face of present day London, and here we will […]

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Removals 24/7’s blog is a comprehensive source of information and advice on all aspects of home, office and establishment relocation. The Blog features useful content in the form of DIY guides and checklists covering essentials like packing and wrapping of valuables, sorting and inventory of items, disposing of unwanted items for a lighter, cheaper removal service, also information and tips on including various additional options and more. Readers can also find articles on organising and scheduling the relocation in the most efficient and convenient way. Our writers research and summarise content on which suburbs and boroughs of the city are currently popular with families or businesses– easy to grasp facts and analysis to help people get more familiar and comfortable with their new surroundings. We also keep an eye an out for innovations, developments and regulation changes concerning the professional removal industry so readers are up to speed with the nitty gritty stuff. The blog page is well structured and easy to navigate so readers are never further than a couple of clicks away from the content or topic they find interesting. Our dedicated contributors are constantly researching and adding new material to the blog so there is always something fresh to grab your attention.