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Beautiful gems in the Westminster

Westminster is questionably the most fascinating and famous area of the English capital. The borough is home to numerous internationally known landmarks and to some of the most fashionable and opulent neighbourhoods in the United Kingdom and the world.

Paddington is one of the most popular neighbourhoods of Westminster. It is the location of St. Mary’s Hospital (Britain’s last great voluntary hospital) and the Padding Green Police Station, which is the country’s most important high-security police headquarters. The celebrated English civil and mechanical engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, designed both edifices. Paddington Station links the district to the other parts of the borough and city. The transportation hub is one of the busiest in London, as it serves over 36 million passengers yearly. The station is also considered to be a local landmark due to the fact that it has features in many cinematic and television productions.

Live in an area that is associated with art

Claridge’s HotelThe area of St. James’s has a population of almost 11.000 people and is located at less than a mile from the noted junction of Charing Cross. The neighbourhood was developed during the 17th century and since then has been among the desirable residential districts in the British capital. This is proven by the fact that more and more people are relocating to the area by using certified domestic removal services in London by Removals 24/7. The neighbourhood is home to a number of impressive buildings, including the head office of BP and the White Cube. The latter is a contemporary art gallery that is owned by renowned English art dealer, Jay Jopling. The district is also the location of the Institute of Contemporary Arts, which dates back to the late 1940s.

Mayfair is one of the most affluent districts not only in the City of Westminster but also in the United Kingdom as a whole. The area has some of the most expensive properties on the planet and throughout the years has had numerous notable residents. The Royal Academy of Arts is based in the neighbourhood. The institution was founded in 1768 and is currently the eleventh most visited museum in the country (c. 1.2 million visitor annually). Other well-known local landmarks are:

  • The Fine Art Society Gallery
  • Handel House Museum
  • Burlington Arcade
  • Faraday Museum
  • George’s, Hanover Square
  • Claridge’s London
  • Berkerley Square
  • Statue of William Pitt the Younger
  • Grosvenor Square

Claridge’s Hotel in Mayfair, London

The neighbourhood that named after a group of edifices


The district of Adelphi is one of the smallest areas in the City of Westminster. The neighbourhood includes the popular thoroughfares of Adelphi Terrace, John Adam Street and Robert Street. The district is named after the Adelphi Buildings, which are 24 unified neoclassical terrace houses that sit between the River Thames and The Strand (one of the largest roads in the borough). The area is considered by many to be one of the most astonishing neighbourhoods of London because of its unique architecture. At one point, it was the location of the London School of Economics, which is one of the most prolific educational institutions in Europe.

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